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IAS Toppers Talk 2003 – 2015

Topper’s talk about Punjab Civil Services

People become public officers for many reasons. One of the reasons is that the Civil Department offers immense compensation packages. But, it is not as easy as ABC to become a public servant. The academics is tough and the competition tougher. The sector looks for the excellent, so it is vital to know what you are appearing for before getting on this very challenging road.

The primary obstacle is the Public civil service entrance exam. If you do well in the preliminary examination, you will move on in the hiring process by appearing the MAINS examination and finally going through an interview or the personality interview.

According to toppers, while prelims and MAINS depend upon the levels of preparation, interview round is entirely designed to measure your capability to explain and react to questions in a clear and concise manner under massive pressure. This is actually the first real impression that you will give to representatives who could be superior t you and person over you one day, so it is very important that you are geared up for any type of question that comes your way.

Additionally, experts say that there are several methods to prepare for the verbal portion of the exam course.

  • Get a list of the essential commonly asked questions, and ask someone read them out loudly and answer them then and there.
  • Avoid taking notes, but study the questions and pen down your answers in advance.
  • Practice your responses in the mirror.
  • Be prepared to face anything or everything that comes to you in the form of questions.
  • If you trust your potential, are confident, know yourself and your answers, you should do just excellent.

In Conclusion

Whether you’re preparing for your first Public Entrance Exam or you’re taking it again you need to prepare yourself. And experts say that the best way to get prepared is to get a wide-ranging list of the most commonly asked public exam questions and be ready with the answers.