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Secrets of Success

Secret of Success in Punjab Civil Service Exam

Every year the Punjab government takes civil service exam to employ the candidates in the Government sector and it’s obviously not everybody’s cup of tea to clear this exam. Though, all the candidates are having the required books, attend coaching, work hard, devote time and are dedicated to clear the exam, but very few of them are able to crack it. There are students who say they studied for the entire day, but could not make it to MAINS. On the other hand, aspirants who studied for 8-9 hours a day get success in MAINS. It’s all about how you study and not about for how long you study. Civil service exam is more about smart work and organized study.

There are a lot of secrets that the aspirants need to know to make in civil services exam as a perfect strategy can bring success:

Know the basics:

Civil service exam covers a vast syllabus and this is the reason that it’s a Herculean task to get success in these exams. So, as a general rule of thumb, it’s important for the candidate to know all the basics of the exam one appears in. One can go through the scheme of the exam, syllabus, changes in the syllabus changes in the pattern, marking scheme, eligibility criteria, etc. thoroughly to avoid any mistake. In addition to it reading previous year papers, previous year results and toppers success stories can be a great help.

Check out the syllabus and schedule:

Knowing the syllabus makes 20% of your work easier as you get to know what to study and what not to study. The first thing that any aspirant requires to check out is if there is any change in the syllabus. Change is not a problem as the candidates are selected on the basis of the creativity, skills, smart attitude and innovative mind. Hence, the syllabus is also designed accordingly.

Pay equal time to optional subjects:

Candidates are required to choose any two optionals for MAINS. Some candidates choose same optional subjects for prelims and for MAINS while, some choose different optional subjects for Prelims and two different optional subjects for MAINS. It is also noted that the candidates who have chosen the same optionals for prelims as well as MAINS bother to pay less time on optional subjects thinking, they have already studied the subject for prelims and just need to read the things again. There are chances that the candidate who had scored 300 marks in prelims may get more than that in MAINS. All that is needed is the balanced approach towards both the subjects.

Learn the knack of presenting answers:

No doubt, unique things are always admired and help win over the situation and similarly civil service examination demands exclusive responses. There are students who say they have done very well in the examination, but fail to clear MAINS. Candidates often make the mistake of answering the questions soon after reading two to three words of the question and that ways there is possibility of answering wrong. The Knack of answering or presenting your paper comes not with the quantity of stuff you have read, but by using those limited readings in a tactful manner. One must read the question paper carefully and then answer the questions. Moreover, they must not make the mistake of overwriting the answers and waste time. These are the tricks that make your answer sheet stand among others and clear the MAINS.

Stay Updated:

Current affairs play major role in clearing the civil service examination. Reading magazines, newspapers and other current affairs books can be a great help. Candidates must go through previous year question papers to judge the type of questions asked from current affairs and be ready to answer considerately to those answers.

Importance of selective study:

Candidates are required to know the importance of selective study. When the vast syllabus of examination comes in front of them, they feel themselves under the clouds and it is essential to overcome that situation. If the candidates will go on reading the entire syllabus it will take one complete year and by that time exams will be on the head. Since, the candidates need to select what to study to make MAINS.

Civil exams are not about reading more and more books rather; it’s about reading a few books and gaining more from them. It’s about planning your studies, selecting the right stuff to read, staying updated and presenting your knowledge exclusively. Following the above mentioned secrets of success can help a lo0t in cracking the civil service exam.