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PCS Preliminary

Tips to Prepare for Prelims

Prelims are the first stage of PCS exam and clearing this exam decides if you are eligible to appear in the MAINS examination. However, prelims score is not considered for the final merit result, but it is important to clear this level to be able to sit in the next level of examination. Hence, following are a few tips to clear the prelims:

Study the syllabus properly:

Candidates are required to study the prelims syllabus carefully. In case there are any changes in the syllabus, aspirants shall go through it properly and do not get panic. Appropriate knowledge of the syllabus and awareness about the change will help the candidates plan their studies properly.

Don’t take Prelims lightly:

Knowing that the scores of prelims are not added in the final merit score, people often start taking this exam lightly, thinking just the passing marks are required. Since, this mistake is literally the wastage of time as the things studied for prelims are useful for other levels also.

Study with a strategy:

Both the papers are designed from different prospective, so the candidates are required to strategize the study carefully. Paper-l focuses on memory and retention skills whereas paper-ll targets to check out the reasoning and analytical skills.

Prepare your short notes:

Candidates are required to prepare their short notes, flash cards and handy notes to keep the thing in mind and study them in future easily.

Widely Study at prelims level:

It is wise to widely study at prelims level as it saves time while preparing for the MAINS exam.

Read the necessary Books

Aspirants are suggested to study all the NCERT books from 6th to 12th standard. However, it is advised to skim the material, but not to miss out the important study material.

Study the current affairs:

Current affairs are important to read. A candidate can easily stay updated by reading quality newspaper, journals and other magazines.

Hence, Prelims exam does not consider marks for final merit list, but studies done at this level play a great role in cracking IAS exam.