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PCS Interview

Tips to crack IAS interview

Interview is the last stage to crack the civil service exam. It is taken to test the entire personality of an aspirant and find out if he/she is suitable to be granted the job on a particular post. In an interview one head and other expert members of the field sit and check out the personality of the candidate through interaction. This interview covers academic as well as non academic question. A few tips to crack the examination can really help get the desired results.

Start your preparation at an early stage:

Because there is no set syllabus of this section, candidates feel relaxed and get careless till this stage. Since, they shall start preparing for interview at least three to four months prior to the final interview day.

Avoid Nervousness:

Candidates are often afraid of appearing in an interview and get nervous. While, they shall be confident enough to be the part of that interview, because if they have cleared MAINS they are definitely intelligent to crack this last stage of examination as well. Since, there’s a great need of staying confident during an interview.

Respect the interview Committee:

It is very important to be in the good books of the commission taking your interview. The moment you enter the interview room, you are supposed to wish or greet the interviewers properly. They are definitely going to consider mannerism as criteria of selection and find out the suitable candidate. So, take courtesy seriously.

Remember you MAINS exam answers:

Of course, you have reached the third level of examination after clearing your MAINS exam, so there is no meaning of forgetting what you have mentioned there in your MAINS answers. Interviewers are having a record of Your MAINS sheet, so they can simply ask anything to find out the authenticity of your written words.

Stay positive:

The interview committee is obviously looking for a positive candidate to run the administration successfully. So, it is essential for you to stay positive and confident about whatever you say.

Language command:

As interview is all about interaction, so it very important for the candidate to chose the right medium of language. Medium of the language really does not matter in an interview, but what matters is the command over the language and a comfort level with the language to interact.

Be a patient listener:

It is very important to have patience to listen to the things. An interviewer must develop the listening skills to successfully crack the interview. Simply, don’t interrupt the interviewee while he is asking you any question. Listen carefully and then only answer the questions.

Speak your heart:

An interviewee needs to maintain the honesty level while answering the questions. If you are not being yourself, there are no chances of selection. Moreover, there are chances of getting more nervous if you are telling a lie.

Prepare an answer for: Why you want to join Civil service?

The very first question that any interviewer is going to ask is why you want to join civil service. Since, the candidate must be ready with an honest answer to this question to easily answer it.

Hope these tips will prove to be helpful to crack the final stage of examination and be the next to serve the nation.