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PCS General Studies

Being the civil service candidates, you must have gained ample of knowledge in almost all the areas by now. You must be busy in preparing for general studies and sometimes may get frustrated with a lot to study. Since, if you are cool-headed you just need to stay relaxed and know the tips to crack the exam. in this article we will discuss the strategy required to get success in General studies. Additionally, this can help the candidates score well in optionals also.

How to organize General studies part:

Practice, as if you are appearing in the final examination:

  • Prepare complete question papers and Start practicing them from the view point of final examination. Hence, you will learn time management and will not face any difficulty on the final day.
  • If you fail to make it on time, try again and again until you make it.
  • Don’t over exceed the word count, it will be wastage of time and space as well.

Show perfection in your answers:

  • Scoring depends on how perfectly you answer your question, but smartness is to include the relevant information only in your answers.

Time Management:

It is very essential to manage the time while attempting your question paper. If you fail to do so, you develop the chances of failure in the examination.

Determine your writing skills:

  • Check, the number of words you write on a single page as it will be easy for you to guess how many words you have written.
  • Check out if your hand is not fast at writing.
  • Make sure your writing is legible.
  • Present your paper to catch the maximum attention.
  • Use figures, diagrams and flowcharts to make your answers stand out and boost easy understanding of your thought.
  • Question paper will include tags like: Comment, describe, discuss. Elaborate, Evaluate, Explain, Examine, Critically Appreciate, etc. understand the tags carefully before writing the answers.

Frame your answers in mind first:

It is necessary to catch the nerve of the question first before answering it. Then organize the answer in mind and start writing. It will ultimately check you from penning down irrelevant stuff.

Take part in group discussions:

Taking part in group discussions can help you give your thoughts a final shape. When the group of people is speaking on the same issue, there are chances of catching different information and different point of views from the group of people. Eventually, you improve your level of thinking as well as clarification level of your mind.

Read Newspapers:

General studies cover current affairs so the newspapers can serve as the best resource to stay updated and get the current information. The Hindu is the highly recommended newspaper. Along with this candidates can also go through Punjabi newspaper” Punjab Kesri” “Dainik Jagran” etc.

Attain the confidence level:

When you have the confidence, that you can do anything, you increase the chances of getting success. Stay confident that whatever question may be you can answer every question easily. You can use least available knowledge wisely to answer a question. It is all about smart work which general studies demand.