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Tips to write an Essay for MAINS examination

The essay paper consists of two sections A and B, with 4 questions in each section. The candidates are required to answer them in 1000-2000 words for total marks of 250 (125×2) in the civil services main examination. It is very important to prepare this part of examination as it is a compulsory paper and its score is undertaken for final merit score.

Remember your words, reflect your personality:

The essay part of this examination simply focuses to check out the person’s thoughts and personality. There are general topics given to write on, but these general topics demand your views. It is not less than a challenge. However, the words of your essay reflect the personality, ideas, values, reasoning power and many other traits of an aspirant.

Essentials of essay:

An essay is deemed as a complete paper checking and reflecting on your personality. Since, every writing needs some important things to not to be missed. Similarly, Proper structure, framework, Relevant content, language, presentation, logic, analysis, etc. are the essentials of essay writing.

Concentrate on writing:

Generally, there is a set format of writing down an essay like Introduction, the main content or the body of an essay and finally conclusion or summing up the whole content. Along with this there are many writing skills that need to be taken care of while writing.

Be concise and precise:

An essay which is concise and precise in nature always gets much attention. Candidates are suggested to write down to the point things, without exaggerating the information.

Avoid repetition:

Repetition in any ways is not admired. It just takes your space and time. Try to write down ample of ideas rather than repeating the same things in your essay.

Avoid Jargons:

The essay must not contain any vernacular that is hard to be understood by the common mass. If your article contains vernaculars, the reader looses interest in your essay and you fail to grab marks for the same.

Make your beginning and ending impressive:

An essay is worth reading or not, this can be judged initially. So, the candidate requires making an impressive introduction to catch the attention. In short, an essay’s introduction must reveal what you are going to include in it further.

The last paragraph of your essay or so called introduction also needs to be equally impressive. A common way to design a conclusion is to sum up the things in an organized manner and give it a final touch, leaving the reader think about your words. Remember, conclusion must not contain any fresh figure or new information because that gives a touch as if something is not complete.