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Expert Tips to crack Civil Service Exams

Civil service exam is not a small affair. Every year thousands of hopeful aspirants appear in the examination with a positive energy to crack the examination. To support and make their positivity move to next level, expert advice can be a great help. While, many successful aspirants take up the task of demystifying the civil service exams to help coming candidates with their experience. Following are some strong tips offered by the successful IAS candidates to be successful in the examination.

Know all the basics initially:

As civil service exams cover vast syllabus, so according to experts a candidate must not make the mistake of understanding the things at initial stage. The clarification of the whole syllabus and other things about the exam help one prepare for it properly and one increases the chances of scoring well in the examination.

Go for Smart study:

Although, civil exams cover general knowledge and many other parts of study, but it never demands mere cramming of the data. What it asks for is the smart study. The questions asked in the exam target to check out the analytical level and reasoning power of the candidate, rather than focusing on the straight knowledge that the candidate might have crammed from numerous sources.

Plan your studies smartly:

Ajay Parkash of Samastipur, who scored 9th rank in UPSC examination in the year 2010 laid stress on planning your studies smartly while giving expert advice. He said that nature of exams is not such that the candidates can waste time in reading the unimportant topics, so it is essential for them to skim the study material and choose the quality stuff to crack the examination. However, skimming doesn’t mean missing the important stuff to be read.

Don’t over trust coaching centers:

Experts of civil service exam suggest the appearing candidates to not to over trust the coaching centers. These exams are about your own efforts, whereas coaching centers just serve the purpose of guiding you to a certain level. Obviously, it’s not a total wastage to join the coaching centers for preparation, but relying on them excessively is denied.

Internet serves a great deal:

Experts have experienced that internet availability to find out the things easily and stay updated is a boon for the hopeful candidates. It can be the best pal during preparation, as it is available to help you on a single call. Be it any topic under the sun, it has something to tell you about. Hence, it can be used to a great extent to help you study. However, it gives you all the information that you look for, but expert’s advice to rely on the authentic websites only for any specific information.

There’s no hesitation to believe the fact that one should learn what to avoid by studying the advices of the experienced people. So, it’s wise to learn from the experience or the mistakes of the experts, because we don’t have time to waste to commit them all again and learn from them.