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PCS Exams Tips

Tips to crack the PCS exam:

In Punjab, the candidates who are aspiring for civil services are always trying to give the government exams. Among all others, PCS is the most popular exam in Punjab to be the part of government service. A great number of people appear in it every year and the number is increasing with a great pace. Hence, people do a lot of preparations to clear the exam, but a few tips can help more to crack it. Working on the following aspects of preparation can be the major reason to rock in the examination.

Know the history and geography of the state:

In view of the fact that PCS exams are the state exams, it is something very important for the appearing candidates to have the perfect knowledge of the history as well as the geography of the particular state.

Gear up yourself to work hard:

It’s not easy to crack any civil service exam as the difficulty level of the exam is quite high. So, the candidate needs to be mentally prepared to face all the hard levels and gear up oneself to work hard from every possible end.

Boost up your general knowledge:

The candidates are required to pay exclusive attention on the general knowledge part. However, there are many PCS exam books in the market that especially focus to increase the G.K level of the candidates, but your ever ready attitude to grasp the new things can add more to enhance the level of general information.

Stay updated about the state affairs:

Since, it is a state exam the candidate should have all the updated knowledge about the place as the question paper may have the questions asking for the right answers related to the current affairs, major incidents, accidents, actions or changes of the particular state. In that case, national newspaper can help better to stay updated about all the happening in and around the globe. Hence, it shows your interest in other subjects and is a plus point to crack the interview.

Master the regional language:

While, PCS is the state exam so it is mandatory for the candidate to master the regional language. For example: if the candidate appears on the exam in Punjab state, he must have sufficient knowledge of the regional language, i.e. Punjabi.

Keep the time frame in mind:

Since, the exam is very time consuming, so it is essential for the candidates to manage the time. With better time management, you are likely to get the better results. Moreover, in MAINS it is important for you to answer all the questions on time.

Solve the last year question papers:

If you are seriously preparing for the PCS exam, you cannot skip to practice the last year question papers. If not much, you at least get an idea about the style and the difficulty level of the PCS exam. As we know that practice makes a man perfect, solving these question papers can bring perfection from many aspects of making you comfortable with the pattern and style of it.

An expert or the guide adds to the efforts:

No doubt, it’s all your effort that decides your failure or success, but a little guidance from experts can add to the quality of preparation. It is a bonus, if you get the perfect guide to help you put efforts correctly.

Even with all this preparation, it is essential for you to keep the positive attitude and a strong will power to endure the civil exams with flying colors.