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Tips to prepare for MAINS examination

With the civil exams approaching near, candidates get worried with the load of syllabus. Here is the list of tips to crack MAINS examination successfully.

Planning is important:

Though, every exam demands planning, but in case of MAINS it cannot be missed in any case as it covers vast syllabus. Divide your syllabus and manage time accordingly.

Study beyond the basics:

MAINS exam demands your study beyond basics. The syllabus it covers is not merely the same that one can go through randomly and get success in the examination; rather it is very complicated and needs to be studied beyond carefully. Because the questions are subjective type, the candidates need to use smartness to link the available knowledge in your answers.

Groom up your writing skills:

MAINS examination or the written examination covers subjective type questions that need to be answered using your own knowledge. Though, it is a lengthy paper, so you need to develop a habit of writing fast to complete the examination wi9thin the given time.

Choose your optionals carefully:

Candidates are required to choose any two optionals for MAINS and it is very important to choose these subjects wisely. Many students choose the same optionals for prelims and MAINS, and consequently pay less attention while preparing for MAINS, assuming they have already studied the things. But, a candidate must avoid taking it so lightly because both the exams tackle with different levels of intelligence.

Be presentable with your answers:

Presentation is the first thing that makes the examiner checks your answer sheet with interest. Use proper spaces, diagrams, figures to make your answers stand out.

Prepare your notes:

Notes are the real books that you develop while preparation. Don’t miss to prepare your notes while preparing for civil exams, because these notes can help you easily revise the things before exams.

Hence, this competitive examination is all about studying smartly, using your intelligence and knowledge along with.